Consulting firm. Expert in Transformation
Specialized in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Supply Chain
Consulting firm. Expert in Transformation
Specialized in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Supply Chain

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The Founders

Stanwell is managed by a team of nine partners – including two founding partners – who have between 15 to 25 years of experience.

Arnaud Caspar and Nicolas Floquet
Respectively CEO and Chairman of Stanwell, the two founding partners graduated from ESSEC and Ecole Centrale de Lille, and have collaborated for two decades in several well-known firms:

They spent more than ten years at Andersen Consulting as an Associate Partner / Senior Manager in charge of the development of the Banking and Capital Markets sector.

They worked together at Coopers & Lybrand, then PriceWaterhouseCoopers where Arnaud became Partner in charge of the Financial Services sector (Banking, Insurance, and Capital Markets) and member of the Executive Committee of PwC Consulting France. During this time, Nicolas was a Partner for the development of the banking sector, and implemented major transformation projects (organizational blueprints, industrialization of processes, and a multi-channel banking programs).

In late 2002, and as part of the acquisition of PwC's consulting activities, they joined IBM Business Consulting Services in the Consulting and System Integration for the Banking and Insurance sector. During their time, Arnaud was the head of the Banking sector, and both of them cooperated in merger-projects for large banking institutions.

In 2006, they founded Stanwell.

Antoine Peyrel – Engineer EISTI

15 years of experience in Management Consulting and Financial Services.

Antoine started his career at Paribas where he worked on global projects, and participated in workshops dedicated to  the merger with BNP.

After 5 years in Investment Banking, he oriented his career towards consulting by joining Andersen then Accenture, where he became Senior Manager. He conducted various projects in Corporate and Investment Banking, and in  financial performance management. More specifically, he participated in projects in the areas of: merger, transformation and performance industrialization / improvement of front and back-office activities, and the financial department in financial institutions.

He is Partner at Stanwell Consulting, and in charge of Investment banking, Asset Management, and the financial sectors.

Olivier Cerbeland - DEA Economics and Finance (Paris X)

18 years of experience in consulting

At Coopers & Lybrand and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, he participated in strategic missions on "Corporate Transformation" and "Performance Management" both in France and abroad in a market deregulation context (Telecoms, Energy, and Transport).

He then joined IBM Learning Services as an Associate Partner to develop the IBM services in Human Capital Management.
After being an EMEA Business Advisor for the world leader in Human Capital Management, he then became head of the HR / Training at IBM Business Consulting Services, and after head of Learning Outsourcing at IBM Learning France where he directed major training outsourcing projects in France.

He became a Partner at Stanwell Consulting, and is in charge of HR and Transformation.

Vincent Debray – Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris

15 years of experience in Management Consulting in the Insurance sector

Vincent Debray started his career at Andersen Consulting, which became Accenture, in the Financial Services department.

He specialized in the execution of transformation programs. Amongst others, he intervened on behalf of major insurance actors on issues pertaining to international development, industrialization, operational efficiency, and organizational changes.

He also gained an in-depth experience in IT strategy for the Insurance industry, and led several blueprint definitions aiming at aligning business and IT strategies.

He became a Partner at Stanwell Consulting, and is in charge the Insurance sector.

Thomas Tugendhat - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de Caen (Institut des Sciences de la Matière et du Rayonnement)

14 years of experience in Management Consulting in the banking sector.

Thomas Tugendhat managed large organizational and information system transformation projects in leading consulting firms, which include PWC consulting (merged with IBM in 2003), and Accenture in the Financial Services sector.

While he was at Accenture, he was appointed head of Specialized Financing, and supported the development of several actors (LaSer, Sofinco, Cetelem, and UCB) in France and abroad.

He led major projects on the evolution of the retail banking architecture (multi-channel distribution, merger, and operational efficiency improvement).

He became a Partner at Stanwell Consulting, and is in charge of Retail Banking activities and Specialized Financing.

Hervé Auchère - Université Paris XI

Over 25 years of experience in Management Consulting and Financial services

During the 20 years he spent at Accenture, Hervé held several internal managerial responsibilities. He was a member of the Executive Committee for the Banking and Insurance sector in France and Benelux, and responsible for the sale and delivery of complex deals for the Transformation and Information System sector. Amongst others, he handled projects related to the transformation of IT governance, business process, and transformation of sourcing strategies (including offshore and/or outsourcing).

In 2010, Hervé joined Société Générale to implement and manage the merger of the IS department between Crédit du Nord and Société Générale´s French networks. In this context, he became head of the IS Convergence Program of Crédit du Nord and Société Générale.

He became a Partner at Stanwell Consulting, and is in charge of IT Strategy and Operations.

Régis Rabot - Ecole Spéciale de Mécanique et d'Electricité

13 years of experience in Management Consulting in the Financial services.

Régis Rabot started his career in 2002 at Accenture where he worked at the Paris Office in the Financial Services sector.

In 2006, he was the first employees to join the Stanwell adventure. He has contributed to the major stages on the development of the company since its creation.

He works on transformation projects for financial institutions, particularly on Distribution, Marketing, and Digital for Retail and Corporate clients.

He also developed a strong experience in supporting banks in their international development.

He became a Partner at Stanwell, and is in charge of activities related to payment methods and commercial banking.

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