Consulting firm. Expert in Transformation
Specialized in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Supply Chain
Consulting firm. Expert in Transformation
Specialized in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Supply Chain

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Digital excellence for a Private Bank

Making a strategy tangible through a unique, pragmatic, and customizable approach for the highest transformational impact.

Client case: Support the digital transformation of a Private Bank

Context and objective

An international Private Bank mandated Stanwell to define and implement its digital transformation plan.

At the heart of this initiative was the necessary raise in awareness and consciousness of the staff to Digital strategy. The objective was to allow organizations to develop their governance framework, while also changing and adapting their competencies.

Stanwell´s approach

As part of this digital transformation, a new initiative was organized: the Digidays!

Digidays are a multi-day forum dedicated to Digital issues and intended for employees. It is A TOUCH & FEEL experience for employees that allow them to:

• Test the digital solutions that are offered to Private Banking clients: Mobile applications for Smartphones (My Portforlio, My Accounts…), tablet applications for bank advisors, and the Bank presence on social networks...
• Discover the practical usage of digital tools for staff/employees: video conferencing solutions, secured cloud etc …
• Ask their questions on the digital revolution and on the benefits of using various social networks (LinkedIn profiles updates, Twitter accounts creation, discovery of Pinterest…)

In addition to the discussed themes, participants and the instructors can interact together to make this initiative fun, interactive, and tangible. Presentations are supported by demos, tests, games ... The event is organized around the employees who are positioned as an actor and not spectator.


By placing employees at the heart of the event – allowing them to take part – strengthens their knowledge and appreciation for the “digital experience."

This transformative initiative has allowed significant improvement in:
• The in-house knowledge of the digital offer dedicated to customers and of the evolution of banking client services
• The in-house usage of digital solutions to increase efficiency and productivity at work
• The benefits of digital  usage in a professional and personal environment

This initiative was implemented in France and is intended to be deployed in the Bank's other regions.

Excellence for an e-commerce site

Respond quickly and effectively to a complex request, with a pragmatic and operational approach

Client case: Define a new logistical blueprint that is consistent with the objectives and strategic ambitions of our client

Context and objectives

A leading French e-commerce site wishes to double its sales revenue and mandated Stanwell to answer three major logistical challenges:
• Support the ambition of doubling turnover within 3 years
• Optimize logistical costs per order
• Ensure quality and positive customer experience

Stanwell approach

For this study we considered several opportunities that would lead to a growth in turnovers:
Expansion of the global footprint
• Increase in the geographic scope
• Increase in the product scope
• Increase in the mobile-related market share

The approach proposed by Stanwell aimed at developing scenarios and at choosing a logistical blueprint following the analysis of different business scenarios:
• What are the demands made to logistics?
• What are the best practices in the market?
• What is the best target model based on the existing one?
• What is the impact on the cost per order / asset valuation?

The human and managerial constraints related to this transformation are evaluated in the business scenarios and considered during the implementation plan.


For each scenario, a consideration of the managerial and human constrains linked to transformation were evaluated, and also included in the implementation plan.

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