Consulting firm. Expert in Transformation
Specialized in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Supply Chain
Consulting firm. Expert in Transformation
Specialized in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Supply Chain

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Do not get your hands dirty

At Stanwell, we have a unique way of thinking: we deep dive in your company's strategy, terminologies, methodologies, and processes. Immersing ourselves allows us to transform your business, improve performance, and create value. Having a clean suit and a tie, coupled with ingenious concepts, are not enough to succeed. At Stanwell, our specialists commit themselves to: 1. Roll up their sleeves 2. Be unafraid of dirty work 3. Never throw in the towel…




Business transformation is part of a company’s fairly tale. Stanwell assesses the current business state regardless of its appearance, and envisions its future state with the aim of making it more enchanting and bewitching. What is Stanwell’s magic potion? 99% brain juice and 1% fairy dust, a composition secretly guarded by Stanwell. But it takes more than a magic wand to simplify inefficient and redundant processes, synergize new models, or integrating different corporate chemistries after an acquisition or merger. But do not be afraid: transformation with Stanwell is not a witchcraft.



It is easier
to see with

There is a secret to seeing far: (A) Focus and look closely (B) Reduce your field of view to better define your action scope. At Stanwell, we have a specific vision of our profession that we never lose sight of: expertise. We have tailored our knowledge and expertise in two industries: Banking & Insurance and Retail & Supply Chain. This allows Stanwell to reach a high level of technical skill, be more observant of our stakeholders, and understanding of their concerns. Next time you bet on a consultant, pick Stanwell with your eyes closed.



Cake? Cherry?
With Stanwell
you can have

Or, more precisely, more than what you originally asked for. Looking for an industrial, tasteless, and flavorless biscuit? Sorry, we only offer the finest cakes with a cherry on top. No ready-made recipes, but only customized solutions to specific situations. With a zest of quality, a dose of creativity, and a pinch of courage… in one word we achieve ´Excellence´. All of the  food critics who have tasted our creations have asked for more, and are also ready to roll-up their sleeves to work with us.



With clients,
wear gloves

“No!” Nobody likes to hear “No”. For some people, it feels like a punch. But if a match appears to be challenging, we will without fear and hesitation weigh-in. Is Stanwell courageous? Yes! And for many reasons! Stanwell declines mediocre solutions for its clients,´ and take risks – sometimes even low blows – for our clients´ transformational and expansionary needs. Stanwell charges head-down into the competitive merger-championship. Agility, speed, stamina, resistance to adversity, and intellectual mobility… At Stanwell, we are fighters and trained to face every situation. Even when it is chaos, until the final-round we will fight to win the trophy.



The promise of
tailor-made solutions

Some have a lucky hand. They throw the dice and get the winning numbers: Stanwell. At Stanwell, we have been craftsmen since 2006 by creating tailor-made solutions. We take the measurements of the clients before suggesting measures. And if cutting, carving, disassembling, adjusting, and transforming are necessary, we pride ourselves as being the a tailor. In this manner, we are sure that our recommendations will fit like a glove.



There is nothing but
artificial intelligence

What would the modern man be without his mobile phone, his tablet, his laptop, and his Wi-Fi connection? Sometimes, at Stanwell, we use these devices. But we often also use more primary equipment: our neurons. And we also use our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our hands and our feet to move, scratch, scrutinize, and dissect what is happening. It is only when we have analyzed the situation that we sit in front of a screen and use our intelligence to make trusted recommendations.



Do not disturb

« Shh ! The boss is not available. » That is the kind of sentence that you will never hear at Stanwell. Our founders, Nicolas Floquet and Arnaud Caspar, are tireless entrepreneurs. After several years of building a strong experience in large companies, they have not rested on their laurels. In 2006, they set out on the Stanwell adventure. Their slogan: anticipate trends, unleash creativity, and strive for excellence. Despite their success, Arnaud and Nicolas remain available, open, and informed. They have spared no efforts to allow their customers to sleep soundly.

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